Why Blog?

Unlike paid ads or email blasts that generate temporary buzz, well-written content can yield new business for years to come.

Here are our top 8 reasons why your Software as a Service company needs to start blogging:

1. Boosts search engine ranking

Sure, search engines look for well-crafted content. But, did you know that they also consider how frequently you publish it? By regularly creating blog content, you establish your brand as a leader in its niche.

2. Demonstrates thought leadership

In today’s competitive technology landscape, new threats pop up each day. Development cycles continue to shrink, which means you need to gain an upper hand today. Show your prospects why they should trust the methodology behind your SaaS application. You’re an amazingly competent group of developers, but you have to be willing to put your name out there.

3. Creates personalization

Software helps customers create new efficiencies. It should also be fun to use. Emphasize this truth by showing personality in your writing style. Simply dumping a list of features on a web page serves little purpose. Engage your readers and build a lasting connection.

4. Shows activity

Some SaaS blogs go months without any updates. What message does this send? Certainly not a positive one. At a very bare minimum, you should be posting blog content monthly. Some argue multiple posts per week is a best practice. Either way, some activity is better than none!

5. Supports social media efforts

You’ve made the decision to invest in a social media presence. Unfortunately, your social media manager seems to always be begging for fresh content to share. Maximize your social media reach by publishing viral-worthy content.

6. Simplifies newsletter production

Email marketing consistently delivers new MRR for your SaaS tool. Each time a newsletter goes out, several new leads become paying customers. Without content, your newsletter starts to feel desperate. Subscribers will start to unsubscribe if you seem overly pushy. Give them a reason to stay by building newsletter-friendly copy.

7. Opens the door to guest blogging

Inbound links help you create additional awareness with the search engines. By blogging for other visible websites, you spread the word about your SaaS company. Doing so can often yield an increase in clicks and conversions. But, if you’re not blogging on your own site, why would anyone let you guest blog on theirs?

8. Helps you shine

You deserve to look good. Your software is awesome. You’re a smart person. Why not let the world know more about you?

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